History until now

Transportation services since 1974

Our company originally began in 1974 under the name “Owl & Winterswijk,” which explains the “U” and “W” in our distinctive wheel-shaped logo. We owe our growth and success to the building of an extensive distribution network over the past decades and continuous dedication to quality and efficiency.

Over the years, our company has gone through a few changes of guard. Hans Uil left the company, and Henk Gieszen Sr. joined as co-owner, alongside our company’s namesake, Ger Winterswijk. Ger Winterswijk sadly passed away from us in 1995, but our company still proudly bears his name.

In 1999, Henk Gieszen Jr. joined our company and Sander Gieszen followed in 2019. They took over from their father Henk Gieszen Sr. who is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

your trusted partner for now
and the future

Winterswijk Logistics excels at speed.

We look carefully around us for developments and opportunities in terms of technology. For example, we can track cars via track & trace and there is real-time data exchange with the warehouse. This allows us to always inform you immediately of the current status of your shipment.

At Winterswijk Logistics, everything is about your satisfaction. We look forward to fully serving your transportation needs with a proven track record of reliability and quality.

We are happy to be at your service!