Winterswijk Logistics specializes in road transport between the Netherlands, Ireland and Northern Ireland
with expansion into Wales, England and Scotland.

Your cargo, our concern!

We are WInterswijk Logistics

Winterswijk Logistics provides road transport with unparalleled specialization in connections to Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our reliable and fast service includes both importing to mainland Europe and exporting goods to Ireland.

Our extensive network and experienced team also provide seamless transportation between the UK and the rest of Europe.

For all your transportation needs, large or small, we are ready.
Whether it’s boxes, crates, pallets or any other type/size of cargo ranging from 1 to 13.6 load meters, we take care of it.

Our team makes sure your cargo is delivered on time and in perfect condition!

Do you arrange step one? Then we'll do the rest!

Requesting a quote
Step 1
Requesting a quote

Please provide the following to us:

Booking confirmation
Step 2
Booking confirmation

After order, you will receive a booking confirmation with overview of where and when the shipment will be loaded and delivered plus statement of agreed rate.

Transportation from A to B
Step 3
Transportation from A to B

We handle the export of your shipment. You will receive a notification when:

Step 4

You will receive our invoice according to the booking confirmation.

What to expect.

Clear communication

Within minutes of your request, you will receive not only a competitive rate from us, but also direct coordination on loading and delivery dates.

We understand that time is of the essence in logistics.

Confirmation of your booking

Once the order is confirmed, we will send you a booking confirmation with all the details of the shipment.

We believe in clarity and keeping our promises.

Efficient lead time

We guarantee a turnaround time between 48 and 72 hours, depending on the location of delivery.

Speed and reliability are our strengths.

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At least one day before loading, we will let the loading address and/or you know when we will pick up the goods.

We provide all necessary information, such as the driver, license plate number and expected time of arrival.


At least one day before delivery, we will let the unloading address and/or you know when we will come to deliver the goods .

We ensure a smooth transition of your shipment to its final destination.


Our invoice is in line with the booking confirmation. If you have any questions about the invoice, you can always contact our

We are clear and transparent about costs.